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The dead we honor: Shakespeare’s apt words for Memorial Day

Memorial Day inspires mixed emotions: pride in the valor of those who gave their lives in the cause of freedom and sorrow.

Andrew Cuomo's pathetic campaign to regain public trust

Ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo is working relentlessly to regain the public’s respect — even as he refuses to admit, let alone apologize for, even his most horrific sins.

'Less is More' horrors: the poison fruit of 'criminal justice reform'

The law made it easier for crooks who violate their parole to stay out of prison. Cue added blood in the streets.

Brad Lander's tax-the-rich plan to kill the golden goose

NYC Comptroller Brad Lander wants to raise $1 billion in new revenue by hiking taxes on wealthy New Yorkers.

Debt-limit talks still full of drama, but may be nothing BUT theater

All the drama over what should be straightforward (if brutal) negotiations is bad enough. If the whole thing turns out to be nothing but theater, the voters should throw all...

Ron DeSantis gives America the chance to move on from its punch-drunk stupor

We look forward to the campaign to bring debate clarity on all of this, from DeSantis and the rest of the pack. With his much-anticipated entry, the race is truly on.

Rating DeSantis' policy stances, from the economy to woke

The Post’s panel of experts weigh in on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis entry into the presidential race, and what he promises or needs to do on various issues.

Limited gains on crime aren't enough to end New Yorkers' fear

Adams has put public safety first (though he hasn't sought to increase the size of the force). But he’s stuck with city and state lawmakers who prioritize the needs of...

The week in whoppers: Biden's blame game, Mulgrew's charter bull and more

Joe Biden in 2020 said as president, he would "choose to unite rather than divide."

On debt ceiling, it's not Biden vs. the GOP, but Biden vs. the voters

Democrats went hog-wild with the nation's credit card for two years; now they're calling the folks who insist on some restraint "irresponsible." Did somebody remove all the mirrors from the...

'Right-to-shelter' off-ramp is long overdue

Suspension of the rules should open the door to junking Callahan completely, which of course is what the "advocates" most fear. It's time to find a better way; it'd be...

Fetterman's return to hoodies is a bad sign — despite the spin

While we're glad Sen. Fetterman is feeling well enough to be discharged, the spin that his rejection of a suit and tie is a positive sign is a laughable farce.

A 2nd 1st impression for DeSantis, the Dodgers’ anti-Catholic insult and other commentary

A “peculiar problem” for Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign is how he’s already “overexposed,” argues Commentary’s Abe Greenwald.

Hunter College freakout proves left loves violence and hates speech

Hunter College adjunct professor Shellyne Rodriguez, 46, held a machete to Post reporter Reuven Fenton's neck Tuesday after he sought comment on her earlier attack on a student pro-life-information table.

Fresh evidence Justice is sweeping Biden family crimes under the rug

A new informant charges that top Justice officials have worked to protect Hunter Biden amid a probe of his tax returns, including by retaliating against IRS staff who complained.

Let NY grocery stores sell wine: Tell liquor-store lobby to soak off

With the Legislature nearing the end of this year’s session, the liquor-store lobby is working feverishly to stifle a bill to let supermarkets and other large grocers sell wine —...

Real disinfo on CRT, Tim Scott’s path to victory and other commentary

Per a recent study, around 80% of Americans who have heard of Critical Race Theory “did not know that colorblindness” is not part of CRT, observe Max Eden & Michael...

Lockdowns fostered rampant truancy in NYC public schools — drastic action is required

Nearly 56% of New York City Department of Education 12th-graders missed at least 18 days of school in the last school year; overall chronic absenteeism hit 40%.

Fare hikes to cover for fare evaders: The cost of progressive 'reform'

The increases — 15 cents on a single ride, $1 on a weekly pass and $5 on a monthly — should bring in about $305 million a year.

Sorry: Title 8 is NOT halting the madness at the border

Look, if Title 8 were really the answer, Biden could've turned to it long ago. The real problem is unchanged: He's just not willing to truly seal the border.