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Taylor Swift ham, egg and cheese named New Jersey's state sandwich

The pop star is the "anti-hero" of this age-old New Jersey food fight. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's is back — and it's just what Fifth Avenue needed

Daniel Boulud is now in charge, and the scrambled eggs are heavenly.

Most avocado oil is rancid or impure, experts warn

It looks like good-quality avocado oil, but it probably contains numerous impurities, a new study finds.

Cardi B's epic lunches for daughter stun fans: 'You should adopt me'

"I wanna be a little kid again...her lunch for school is everything...a kids have all those goodies..." one fan raved.

My nephew's birthday cake was misspelled — with a crude NSFW design

It's safe to say this bakery order did not go, um, swimmingly.

Top NYC chefs opening new restaurants in the Hamptons for summer

Michelin award-winning chef Melissa O’Donnell plans a mid-June opening, PastaRAMEN will at Kissaki for a special weekly dinner party series and Rosé Soirée returns.

Critics slam Ireland's plan for alcohol warning labels: 'Totally disproportionate'

"This law is designed to give all of us as consumers a better understanding of the alcohol content and health risks associated with consuming alcohol," Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly...

I'm a former paramedic – the 'squish test' could save your baby from choking

A former paramedic has shared a one-second trick to minimize the risk of your baby choking on a piece of food.

Scientists finally know the secret to bubbly Champagne

Raise a glass to this scientific breakthrough.

Foods that may help calm seasonal allergies, according to health experts

Seasonal allergies are no fun, but did you know that some experts say that what you eat may have an impact? Also known as “hay fever,” symptoms run the gamut from...

This restaurant slings $700 hamburger

The Drury Beer Garden in Philadelphia, which opened Friday, is serving a "Gold Standard" burger that sells for $700 and features A5 Waygu beef, caviar, Louix XII cognac and rare...

World’s most expensive ice cream costs $6,696 per scoop

The Japanese food scientists who concocted the flavor described is as "complex" and a "glorious taste experience."

Chef behind LA hot spot Horses accused of killing cats — and worse — in bombshell divorce drama

Elizabeth Johnson and Will Aghajanian opened Horses in late 2021; it quickly went on to become LA's chicest celeb hangout, boasting clientele like Jeff Bezos, Jay-Z and Chrissy Teigen.

Which wine should you drink based on your zodiac sign?

A new poll has shown how one's favorite wine can determine aspects of their personality.

New Dr Pepper ice cream flavor freezes out fans: 'Disappointing'

This bubbly, new concoction sounds soda-licious to some — and blasphemous to others.

Starbucks reveals change to its ice — and some fans are heated: 'Hate that'

Nugget ice is noticeably smaller and denser than cubes, kind of like crushed ice — think of the iced drinks at Sonic.

McDonald’s fans shocked to discover purpose of doodads on drink lids

While many McDonald’s diners already knew what the circular nubs are for, many were shocked to learn the purpose of the rectangular ones.

Chef tries to set world record while cooking for 100 hours straight

Hilda Bassey, 27, known on social media as Hilda Baci, began cooking in her kitchen Thursday and continued till Monday evening, preparing more than 100 meals in all.

Workers need this much coffee to get through the day, study says

The average person spends nearly 50 hours a year purchasing beverages at the café during the workday.

Artificial sweeteners not recommended for weight loss, says WHO

New guidelines from the World Health Organization advises that artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, are not all that helpful for weight loss.