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My son caught on fire doing a viral stunt — I tried to put it out with my bare hands

"He was completely on fire from the waist up," the shocked mom revealed. "It was terrifying."

Vietnam POWs to be honored 50 years after Nixon celebrated them with historic banquet

Dozens of former Vietnam POWs will reunite for a dinner recreating a White House banquet held 50 years ago by Richard Nixon to mark their freedom and heroism.

Model shares final moments with grandma before euthanasia

A Victoria's Secret model goes public in support of her beloved Bubbie's decision to end her life on her own terms: "It's the light at the end of the tunnel."

I can't get a job because of my tattoos — I don't want to work anyway

This TikToker is covered from head-to-toe in tattoos — including permanent designs on her face, neck, chest, arms, torso, legs and feet.

Brave bone cancer survivors make it to prom together: ‘It was a dream’

While enrolled at separate schools, the teens bonded over their harrowing health journeys together — culminating in one unforgettable prom night.

I graduated with honors -- trolls say my grad pics make me look 'dumb as hell'

To celebrate a college degree, a freakishly flexible scholar tossed on a pair of platform heels and a red thong to pose in an upside-down split on a stripper pole...

Groom's 'father-dogter' dance with Labrador steals wedding spotlight

A doggone good time was had by all — including the adorable pooch.

I founded the world's most exclusive sex club and it ruined my marriage

Damon Lawner is making a comeback after the rollercoaster ride of his SNCTM sex clubs, which he sold for millions -- but they also cost him his marriage.

Here comes the bride: Ohio woman, 77, marries herself in 'second chance' at love

Dorothy “Dottie” Fedeli, 77, wore a white dress and veil and decorated her walker for the Saturday event.

I don't use toilet paper anymore — I wipe with leaves to save money

Environmental activist Robin Greenfield first began his journey to quitting toilet paper in 2013 when he started using leftover napkins and tissues instead.

We are crime scene cleaners — here are the most gruesome things we've seen

Warning: Graphic content. The unique job includes cleaning up the results of everything from murder-suicides to unattended deaths.

Ex-model Loni Willison speaks on addiction and homeless life

"My ex-husband. Getting married. At least I got divorced," Willison said. "He set everything up to do this to me."

72-year-old man graduates college with his mother in attendance

Sam Kaplan, 72, graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College with a degree in cinema studies and his proud 98-year-old mother was in attendance.

Anguished moms reveal how cannabis turned kids to crime, homelessness, schizophrenia and suicide

Emerging evidence is revealing a link between heavy cannabis use and schizophrenia, especially among young men. Laura Stack's son Johnny was one of them. And he lost his life as a...

Schizophrenic Yale Law grad's story was going to be a movie starring Brad Pitt — until he murdered his pregnant fiancée

A glowing New York Times profile made Michael Laudor the face of his illness. Brad Pitt was going to play him. But in 1998, he killed Caroline Costello. A new...

Child with terminal illness gets dying wish as movie characters surprise him: ‘Best day ever’

Freddy Leitch, 8, received his dying wish after Marvel and Disney characters appeared at his home to surprise him before he passed away.

104-year-old New Yorker reveals secret to long life: ‘I love my beer’

"I love my beer," declared the Staten Island resident, who also keeps a balanced diet of soft-shell crab, pepperoni and vegetables.

I spent life savings on my kid’s cancer treatment — then won $2M lottery

The 74-year-old played a scratch-off ticket — costing $10 — and was shocked to find that she had won the top prize.

I'm a 101-year-old ex-nurse — here's the secret to my long, happy life

Edna Twivey's life seems to only be getting better with age – she recently traveled to Scandinavia on a cruise and is planning to go on another one to Holland...

I can talk to the dead and see angels -- celebrities all over the world want my help

Chloe Smith, 25, first began advertising her special "powers" some 14 months ago after discovering at her grandmother's funeral that she could see spirits.