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Aaron Rodgers has a lot to learn about New Jersey — Pauly D doesn't count

The new Jets quarterback is officially a Jersey boy.

TikToker with family working for the same airline shows less-than-glamorous side of free travel

“Sometimes we have to travel through different cities, and connect through multiple cities, just to get to our final destination.”

Dear Abby: I walked in on my 90-year-old mom having sex

Dear Abby doles out advice to a woman who saw her mom in a compromising position and a young girl with a crush.

TikTok chef shows 'how to use the colander the right way'

"NOOO! You're using the colander WRONG 😳😳😳😳😳😳," disagreed one person.

Queen Camilla reveals that she loves gardening — but 'everything creaks and groans'

Queen Camilla loves to garden, apparently – but it makes her "creak."

Artificial intelligence model to help scientists predict whether breast cancer will spread

Oncologists in the U.K. have developed an AI model to help predict whether aggressive forms of breast cancer will spread based on changes in a patient’s lymph nodes. 

Can I negotiate a higher severance package?

A recently laid off worker thinks they're owed more and one employee doesn't like the backlog of work after their boss returns from vacation.

Drone video shows Mexico volcano spew ash, gasses as residents watch for signs of eruption

Experts report the volcano has been extremely active since 1994. Alerts are in place for communities nearest to the base due to the continued explosions in the mountain.

Dear Abby: My friends don't think I should take my husband back

Dear Abby advises a woman about remarrying her ex-husband and another woman whose friend doesn't acknowledge her Jewish faith.

Mom called 'cheap' for packing toddler a homemade meal when dining out

"You want me to pay $10.50 for chicken tenders and fries that my son is going to throw half of it on the floor? You’re crazy," she asks rhetorically.

Mom blasted for wearing $5K white dress on her daughter’s wedding day

A mom has sparked outrage online by trying to resell the white dress she wore to her daughter’s wedding.

I discovered a hidden room in my great-grandmother's house: 'Chills'

Footage posted by TikToker Dayanne Flores shows a man forcing open a wooden door at the home.

Influencer dies after binge drinking on livestream

"He didn't even get a chance for emergency treatment," a friend of the influencer told local outlet Shangyou News, which reported a funeral was held last week.

Why Gen Z is 'more spiritual' than Millennials — and more suspicious of denominations

Today 1 in 3 Gen Z adults aged 18 to 25 say they believe in a higher power, according to a new polling from Springtide Research Institute -- up from...

Woke judges say there are topics high school kids CAN'T debate

A high school debate team in Broward County, Florida, taught to challenge ideas, question assumptions and think outside the box.

I'm a urologist — men have been peeing the wrong way

Fellas, you may want to sit down for this news.

Houseplants promise to clean indoor air — but do they work?

Houseplants are sprouting up everywhere, but some scientists are throwing cold water on indoor greenery's ability to remove toxins from the air.

Huge lion gets up close and personal with stunned campers

“If anyone panics and runs or makes sudden movements, the chances are high that they may be attacked," said a witness.

Hero vet becomes first above-the-knee double amputee to climb Everest: 'Thought we would all die'

Hari Burha Magar made history by becoming the first double amputee above the knee to scale Mount Everest.