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Harbor looks like a dolphin in stunning drone pic: 'Cannot be unseen'

"In all my flight time over the Pwllheli harbor I have never noticed this as much as last night, spectacular!" photographer Rhys Jones said.

Humpback whale nearly crashes into boat: 'Scare the hell out of me'

The woman who took the video told The Post that the gigantic mammal touched their boat.

Huge lion gets up close and personal with stunned campers

“If anyone panics and runs or makes sudden movements, the chances are high that they may be attacked," said a witness.

I nearly died after my vision went black — I thought I was in heaven

Talk about heaven on Earth.

Crocodile farm boss eaten alive after 40 of his own animals 'pounced'

A Cambodian crocodile farmer named Luan Nam has died after getting eaten by 40 of his own animals while attempting to wrangle one of the reptilians.

Lab-grown babies could be a reality as soon as 2028, scientist claims

Japanese scientists claim they could grown human babies in the lab in as few as five years by incubating eggs and sperm in an artificial womb.

Murderous cult’s Brooklyn ‘house of evil’ — where children were kept in cages — burns down

Early Wednesday morning, the four-story Crown Heights rowhouse -- the former HQ of Devernon “Doc” LeGrand’s “church” -- erupted in flames.

Oregon man shoots bear twice for attacking chickens -- but the same bear returns to attack him

An Oregon man who shot a bear that had been harassing his chickens was attacked by the very same beast the following day.

My nephew's birthday cake was misspelled — with a crude NSFW design

It's safe to say this bakery order did not go, um, swimmingly.

Man with world's longest nose ‘at peace’ with super schnoz before death

His sizable sniffer earned him the Guinness World Record in Los Angeles in 2001, and again in 2010 in Italy. In 2021, his nose was remeasured to confirm his top...

Rich influencer slammed for filming, laughing at housekeeper picking up dog poop

The daughter of bullfighter José Ortega Cano was slammed online after she uploaded footage of herself laughing while her father's housekeeper picked up dog feces.

How I shrank my waist to 11.8 inches —it's as small as a red Solo cup

"Who doesn't want a really small waist — like a mermaid?" says Ruth Lujan, who lives with a rare syndrome that helps make her unique look possible.

I married a millionaire — these are the worst things about being a rich housewife

A Dubai is being ripped online after revealing the "worst things" about being married to a millionaire, which apparently includes hardships.

New footage emerges of suspected UFO sighting over California military base

Experts say the mass sighting could've been the size of a three-bedroom, two-story house.

Hospital's alleged pay-per-microwave usage sign for employees goes viral

An anonymous Reddit user posted a photo of an alleged sign that suggests hospital workers at an undisclosed location are being charged for microwave usage.

Giant gold genitals erected at Buddhist temple to honor 'origin of life'

Thai devotees took golden idle worship to an X-rated level after praying at the altar of a giant gilded vagina, which was recently greenlit by authorities following some minor alterations.

Swooping seagulls steal drugs, get stoned: 'Turns them into psycho gulls'

These birds are flying high — and apparently getting high — as a kite.

I got pregnant twice in 28 days — and had both babies on the same day

Sisters Holly and Darcy are a product of superfetation, a phenomenon whereby a second pregnancy occurs shortly after the first one.

I quit medical school and a job — to get rich off selling my spit in bottles online

UK entrepreneur Latiesha Jones went from analyzing samples to selling them — and making thousands of dollars doing it.

'Incredible' meteoroid fireball blazes across night sky

The meteoroid fireball, which gave off a neon green hue as it hurtled through the atmosphere, lit up the sky upon impact, startling citizens.